18 Jan

Box Art Not Confirmed for United States

The recent re-releases of all three games in the Prince of Persia trilogy (circa 2003 – 2005) in HD on Playstation Network seemed a precursor to a boxed release later in the year. While seemingly a dead concept in the months after the digital download release, a recent Gamefly listing may suggest differently. The game retail site listed a boxed HD trilogy being available as of March 22nd, although Ubisoft has yet to return Elder-Geek’s calls for a comment either way.

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Prince of Persia HD Trilogy Being Boxed?”

  1. Well I will look forward to this as I didn’t get to play them when they first came out. I did get to see a friend play the first one and thought it was cool, but just didn’t get around to playing them.

  2. I think this would be cool. I loved the first, really liked the second, and kinda got tired of it by the third. I wouldn’t purchase this, but I know a lot of people that might.

  3. I doubt it–it seems like Gamefly probably added it when it was first announced and has yet to remove it. Hard copies came out in Europe and Asia (which I imported), but I would like to see a US release.

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