13 Jan

In a domain name registration uncovered by Superannuation, a company known as Corporate Domains has registered the rights to a website known as www.finalfantasy13-2game.com. In the past, Corporate Domains has aided Square Enix in registering websites for many other games published by the Japanese company. Similar domains had already been registered in 2010 by a French company, which appears unaffiliated with Square Enix.

Last September, director Motomu Toriyama confirmed that all plans concerning DLC forĀ Final Fantasy XIII had been scrapped. This downloadable content was originally planned to follow up on the story of the game and provide an epilogue for the main characters. Square Enix itself has never made mention of a possible sequel, but has planned an event at which it will unveil new games and provide new details concerning other Final Fantasy titles for the 18th of January.

One thought on “Square Enix Registers Final Fantasy 13-2 Domain”

  1. Well considering that the DLC was scrapped, and there is confirmation that there was enough content that they couldn’t have fit in the original, it could happen. SE had created whole expansive areas to explore, but I think with them filling up one BD disk, and having to compress the 360 version onto three disks was a major factor why this content was not included.

    The big thing I hope SE does with XIII-2 if it comes to fruition is to add a gambit system into the game so I can prioritize my allies moves and such. I swear my allies can cast more than one buff spell at a time, but they only do one, and there is a significant delay between their actions when there doesn’t need to be. Oh, and balancing some enemies would help (Neochou anyone?) greatly. The story would need to be better, and character development needs to be greatly improved. This time around there better be more expansive areas considering what happened in the first one.

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