31 Jan

In an interview with the BBC, art director at Visceral Games and co-creator of the Dead Space franchise Ian Milham has stated that the studios has had lots of internal discussions regarding the ideas for a live-action film based on the third-person horror shooter. He added that the developer would love to have such a film made, but he did indicate that they did not wish to develop it as a “cheap cash-in,” but rather do something more worthwhile.

Earlier this week, EA published the second animated feature-film based on the Dead Space franchise. This film, which is titled Dead Space: Aftermath, fills in the gaps between the original Dead Space and the recently-released sequel. In October 2008, another animated film was released, which bridged the events occurring between Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space.

One thought on “Visceral Games Considering Dead Space Live-Action Film”

  1. Well this subject is coming up again (first time was back in 2008). I agree that the series could do well as a movie, but I am glad they don’t want to make it a cheap cash-in, cause I don’t want it turning into the Resident Evil movies at all.

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