22 Feb

Billy Mitchell, the man best-known for having achieved the first perfect-score in Pacman, has opened a new arcade at the Orlando, Florida airport. The arcade has been named “King of Kong,” in reference to the 2007 documentary that followed Steve Wiebe as he tried to beat several gaming-records set by Mitchell. Picture of both Mitchell and Wiebe are featured on the sign gracing the arcade entrance.

The arcade primarily features modern arcade machines, and surprisingly lacks a Donkey Kong machine. In the past, Mitchell has held high-scores for both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR.

2 thoughts on “Billy Mitchell Opens Arcade”

  1. He should have named it “Mulletron: 1984”. Wonder if he licensed the trademark on the movie name…. I see he registered his own trademark on the term.

    I’d also wonder if he realizes the movie was largely about him being a jerk, but I guess that type of personality doesn’t care as long as it gets him more fame/success.

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