22 Feb

Usually, it’s only after a game has been confirmed for a Western port before the difficulty curve is reassessed. But for Atlus, the recent release of Dating Sim/Action Platformer Catherine came with unexpected feedback. While the publisher did warn of a higher difficulty in the game, complaints on Amazon Japan claim that even the game’s Easy mode is more difficult than most other games Hardest setting. Atlus has heard the complaints, and is preparing a patch to ease gamers’ pain.

“Perhaps all staff members grew too accustomed to the game…,” writes Catherine director Katsura Hashino.

Think the Western Catherine will come with the patch built in? Or do you want a Demon’s Souls style challenge? Let us know in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “‘Catherine’ too Hard, Even for Japan”

  1. I don’t care if the game is hard… I want Catherine NOOOOOWWWWW!

    And come on, it’s an action-platformer, how hard could it really be? Haven’t we been playing these games for over 30 years now.

  2. I want a Demon’s Souls style of difficulty. I know this isn’t the early days of gaming where the developers made a game artificially harder so they could keep people playing, but I want a challenge.

    To think that 20 something years ago, Japanese developers reduced the difficulty in the US version as they didn’t think Americans could handle the difficulty, and now this situation happens in Japan nonetheless where Bullet H3ll (not taking chances with filter) shooters are very unforgiving and can be found in every arcade and every game system.

    I guess they have to tone down the easy difficulty to bring in new gamers, but they should not alter the hardest difficulty one bit.

    Atlus, give us a localization date, I know it will be between 4-8 months from now, but I really want to play it soon.

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