02 Feb

As part of the marketing efforts surrounding the upcoming “first-person fragfest” Bulletstorm, Epic Games has released a free game titled Duty Calls. The game, which can be downloaded for free from this website. In the game, which can be completed in less than 5 minutes, Epic Games pokes fun at almost all defining features of the popular Call of Duty series, including slow-motion standoffs, the experience-based ranking system, and overly-dramaticized deaths of friendly NPCs.

A full feature list of the title, as well as a full-playthrough of the game, is included after the jump.

1. Duty Vision™ slows down the action so you can unload a storm of bullets
2. Immersive dialogue from the front lines
3. Cold, calculated realism
4. Killing animations motion captured from real actors
5. True-life reloading system allows for mistakes in putting the cartridge in the gun
6. Iconic sound effects
7. Thwart an enemy threat that could topple the country and possibly the world
8. Significant and historically accurate props