07 Feb

Hideo Kojima’s hitting the Twitter yet again, this time, about a mysterious “Devil Project.” The message stated that he has “brought back a character” he killed before, leading speculation to run rampant on exactly which character is being revived. In a previous comment, Kojima mentioned a new “Metal Gear” project, but he’s yet to connect that to this project. Speculations have already run rampant on whether this is the new NGP title Kojima referenced at Playstation’s hardware reveal last month.

“working on my devil project a bit after lunch. An experiment went well. Plot Adjustment. Additional project. Phew..Now another line.” read Kojima’s Twitter message.

One thought on “Kojima Discusses ‘Devil Project’”

  1. The only metal gear character I can think of would be Grey Fox… but that seems like it would just be MGSR.

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