6 thoughts on “Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Video Review”

  1. Gonna go out to a launch event tomorrow just to play this (well it is a tournament).

    It sucks that the lobby members can’t watch the fight. That should be changed, as most other fighters allow you to see the current fight. There will be more people online; you just got an early review copy so that is why there weren’t many people.

    I will eventually get this game and play it a lot.

  2. Looks like I am going to have to get this after all, due to the individual character endings. That was the biggest disappointment in MVC2 for me, as having endings makes it more fun for those who don’t necessarily have friends nearby to play with.

    Great review, I am wondering why you didn’t mention the lack of unlockable characters or the X Factor Desperation System. Both sound like they are going to have an impact on the game’s future, both good and bad.

    1. After playing this for a couple of ours, you’re correct. The X-Factor Desperation System has a HUGE impact on a persons play style. I’ve come back from a 1v3 while playing. A good attempt at a balancing system.

    2. My guess why he didn’t talk about no unlockable characters, is due to the fact that most Fighters these days have all character unlocked from the beginning.

      I would really like to be able to unlock characters as I go, and keep most of the roster a secret so I could be surprised, but it works out if you want to play with every character in the beginning (really helps out pro players so they can play with their favorites).

  3. Given the horrific anime cutscenes in SF4, I’m almost relieved to see the static cutscenes in MVC3. There’s no way they would’ve matched the quality of the opening cinematic for their 32 openings and endings, especially when the story is nonexistent.

  4. This is a game I’m definitely gonna be giving a try. Once the price drops a bit or a good sale happens

    Unfortunately, without some people to play with in person, pure fighting games really don’t have a lot of lifespan unless you’re good enough to get into tournaments which I assure you, I am not. :)

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