28 Feb

Tecmo Koei has released a teaser for a new installment in the Ninja Gaiden series. The trailer for Ninja Gaiden III shows Ryu, the protagonist from the previous two games, cover in blood and guts. The shot fades as he moves to take off his mask, though the trailer concludes with a statement that there will be an unmasking at E3, which is set to take place at the LA Convention Center from June 7th until June 9th. The trailer can be found after the jump.

The first Ninja Gaiden was released in 1988, for the NES. The series was revived in 2004, when a new title was released for the first-generation XBox. Since then, a sequel has been released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with a Nintendo 3DS-title having been announced at E3 2010.

Developer Team Ninja has not specified for which platforms the game will be released, but the studio has confirmed that the game is scheduled for a release somewhere in 2012.