02 Feb

As GDC looms in the distant future of early next month, Sony looks to be preparing for a major presentation on the “Move Server” project. If successful, the “Server” will bring the Move motion control setup to compatible PCs. While the project hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, the timing of their GDC press conference – lead by SCEA’s senior developer support engineer John McCutchan on March 2nd – seems to indicate that point in time to be the project’s announcement.

Would you pick up Move if it meant being able to play it on your PC? Give Sony your thoughts on the potential “Move Server” below!

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Sony Bringing Move to the PC?”

  1. I am not really sure. I mean yeah the controls are cool and all, but just looking at the Kinect hacks on PC, I have to wonder what Sony can really do with this. Besides we already have webcams and motion tracking software all ready, so what is new.

  2. This is really now news I mean it ok but the Kinect is being hack to something Microsoft never thought they would see. But I guess they can give it to pc gamers that dont have ps3

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