04 Feb

Bombastic gangsta-dom lives on late this year with the release of Saints Row 3. Brian Farrell, THQ’s CEO, announced the title at a recent earnings meeting. The game is set for this Fall, but no further information on the game has been released.

“In the Fall, we plan to launch the latest installment of our Saints Row franchise, which we view as a significant growth driver in fiscal 2012. Volition is setting a new bar for this outstanding franchise and we look forward to unveiling this game in the near future…you’re going to love it.”

3 thoughts on “Saints Row 3 Confirmed for Late 2011”

  1. Maybe I’ll actually pick this one up. One never appeals to me, but two looked very promising. Just never got around to getting it.

  2. 2 was great, especially since the entire game could be played in co-op. The only thing I want an improvement for in 3 is an upgraded multiplayer system. It kinda always felt just tacked on.

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