19 Feb

Telltale just keeps loading up on the licenses. In addition to their recent acquisition of the rights to both Image Comic’s “The Walking Dead” and Vertigo Comic’s “Fables”, the team at Telltale announced that they will be adding a reboot of the classic PC adventure series King’s Quest to their upcoming catalog. An announcement was all the company had to offer at this point in time, but did promise more information at this year’s E3.

Over at the independent revival of the same franchise, the folks at Phoenix Online Studios – developers of their own episodic KQ installment Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining – released a statement in regards to Telltale’s take on the series.

“We have heard about Telltale’s announcement, and we’re excited to see where it goes! It’s great that the series will be getting an official continuation, and TTG has made some great adventure games that have been reviving not only classic franchises but the genre overall. We love the work they’re doing, and of course our own game has been influenced by their episodic model.”

The company also revealed – with equally vague details – a sequel to last year’s Puzzle Agent, the first game published under their Pilot indie-publishing program. Puzzle Agent 2 will continue the puzzling adventures of Agent Tethers as another mysterious case pops up, this time somewhere in the blisteringly cold Midwest. No further details have been given, but like all newly announced and in-development games from Telltale, more is expected this June at E3.