22 Feb

Ubisoft has confirmed that the PC-version of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood will not make use of the controversial DRM system that was introduced last year. The system required players to remain in contact with a Ubisoft server while playing games, making it impossible to play these games if a connection was interupted, or could not be established.

Players will still be required to verify the authenticity of their title when launching, but will be able to continue playing even if their connection to the server is terminated after the authentication process has been completed. In the past, Ubisoft games would either save the current state of the game and allowed players to continue from this point when connection was reestablished, or forced players to revert to a recent autosave if connected was interrupted.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood will launch for PC on March 17 in North America, and March 18 in Europe.

2 thoughts on “Ubisoft Drops “Always Online” DRM For AC: Brotherhood”

  1. I never really understood the U-Play system that Ubisoft had going. I had plenty of points from Splinter Cell and the other AC’s but can’t say it really served a big purpose. I can see developers utilizing systems like this in the future so they can reward gamers for playing other titles, but they can do so much more with it. Maybe i’m just missing something

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