10 Feb

It is no secret that Ubisoft is aiming to become the leading third-party publisher for games utilizing the Kinect sensor. In a recent interview, the Ubisoft VP of Marketing and Sales Geoffroy Sardin stated that he believes all of Ubisoft franchises could potentially make their way to the motion-controller for the Xbox 360.

He added that it was not his place to decide which games were to enter development, but that Ubisoft would be offering a suitable Kinect-based games to all audiences. Last month, Ubisoft proudly proclaimed it was the number one publisher for the Kinect in 2010, with succesful releases of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Fighters Uncaged, and MotionSports. At that time, it added it was aiming to be the largest third-party publishers for the platform once more in 2011.