17 Feb

Two hot comic book properties are going interactive thanks to the house that the new Sam and Max built. Telltale Games had already hinted at their production of “a popular, recent released television and comic book property”, leaving little doubt that Image Comic’s “The Walking Dead” – being one of the very few possibilities in the first place – was in development. The deal is a “multi-platform, multi-year” arrangement, which will give the developer the right to release the games on any current platform including Mobile or Social devices. The partnership is directly with the comic’s creator Robert Kirkman, and will be based on the Image Comic, rather than the AMC television version.

Not content with only one comic book property, two big movie licenses, and their unique titles in their catalog, Telltale also bought the rights to Vertigo’s monthly “Fables” comic as well. The fairy-tale send up will make a nice counter-balance to the hordes of the “Walking Dead”, and both properties seem perfect for Telltale’s episodic release schedule. Whether or not the famously tongue-in-cheek studio can successfully throw in some more darker material remains to be seen. No further details on either game have been announced, but more is expected at this year’s summer conventions.

Interested to see “The Walking Dead” go interactive? How would a Telltale version of “Fables” play? Let us know your thoughts below!