17 Mar

Sony has announced that the 2003-cult classic Beyond Good & Evil will be making its way onto Playstation Network in May 2011. The game was recently rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade, as part of the “Xbox Live House Party,” but it remained unclear at that time when the title would be making its way onto the Playstation 3. Sony indicated that all users who purchase the title in the first two weeks during which it is available in the Playstation Store, will receive two free avatars featuring Jade and Pey’J.

Despite the fact that the game was met with a very positive critical reception when it was originally released in 2003, the game never became a commercial success. Ubisoft has made no statement regarding the results of Beyond Good & Evil HD on the Xbox 360, where it was released earlier this month.

One thought on “Beyond Good & Evil Coming to PSN in May”

  1. Ugh, I hate timed exclusives for this reason. I will buy the HD remake on PSN, even after buying it on PC, cause I feel the game would work much better with a controllers (especially the driving portions, man are the controls wonky on a keyboard).

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