20 Apr

Zoë Mode Entertainment has just announced the details of most awesome competition.  If you’ve heard much of Chime or Chime Super Deluxe, you’ll know that it’s a music based puzzle game.  Music being the keyword in relation to this competition.  From now until Friday July 1st, any musician has the opportunity to submit a song that could very well be featured in its own level within Chime Super Deluxe (currently out exclusively for the PS3 via PlayStation Network).  Saying ‘any’ musician wasn’t just generalizing either.  The genre of music your song contains doesn’t matter.  From more rare tunes associated with skating, to the traditional of orchestral and rock — the choice is up to you!  Please remember that you can’t sample sounds from other songs.  Original work is required.

I have a feeling a lot of dubstep is going to be submitted.  Just saying!

All you need to do to enter is head over to: www.chimegame.com/competition

Will the winner be someone who clicked the above link over here at Elder-Geek? Sure would be neat!