28 Apr

…If Playstation Network service ever comes back on again, that is. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has released a rating for a Playstation 3/Playstation Portable release of Chrono Trigger. No details have been released, but we here at Elder-Geek estimate that the game will be a port of the Playstation 1 version that was bundled with Final Fantasy Chronicles, meaning all the new content released for the DS version will not be included.

Can your budget suffer another Chrono Trigger re-release? Or are you still occupied with other PSN concerns? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “‘Chrono Trigger’ Coming to PSN”

  1. Well I will enjoy my DS version if it is just the PS1 version. There were some cool things added that made it awesome, as well as short loading times. The loading times in CT on PS1 were horrendous when you entered into and out of any menu (like nails on a chalkboard bad).

    1. I don’t remember them being THAT bad… but ya the loading times were a problem, but with the extra processing power perhaps even if that is the version it will be reduced.

      But I’m happy with my 1 full playthrough and 1 quick-kill in Chrono Trigger… I don’t really have any interest to go and play it any more. I got everything I really wanted to out of it…

      FF4 for the PSP however is freaking cool :)

  2. I haven’t played Chrono Trigger since in came out on the snes. I’ll eventually get this for nostalgia reasons only.

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