27 Apr

Kristopher Johns, a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of over 77 million Playstation Network users, claiming Sony failed to reasonably protect nonpublic and private information from external intrusion. Additional details, as well as a link to the full documents associated with the lawsuit, are included after the jump.

The documents have been filed at a Californian court and claim that the recent breach in security that compromised the personal information and possibly also credit card information of millions of users, is the result of

negligence in data security, including […] failure to maintain a proper firewall and computer security system,  failure to properly encrypt data, […] unauthorized storage and retention of data, […] violation of Payment Card Industry Data Standard(s) and rules and regulations [Sony] was bound to obey for the benefit of consumers concerning the storage of consumers’ private identifying transaction and credit card information, and […] violation of California laws requiring the implementation and maintenance of security for customer information.

Furthermore, Johns claims that Sony unduly delayed or failed to inform consumers in a timely fashion of the fact that the data had indeed been compromised.

The lawsuit demands compensation for consumers for the additional time spent in attempting to protect their privacy and their credit cards, as well as the additional costs associated with this.

The full documents can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Class-Action Lawsuit Filed over PSN Breach”

  1. I just wanna put it on record… &!#&ing retarded.

    Yes, because forcing the company to pay millions of dollars is going to do the industry a whole lot of good. Some money-grubbing asshat who isn’t even a gamer I bet.

    1. Yes it is stupid. I know there is justification for your information needing to be protected, but the hackers should be held accountable. This fiasco will hopefully make Sony a better company when it comes to designing infrastructures.

      All Sony should have to pay for is possible identity theft, and nothing more, and you would have to prove that the ID theft was due to the hacking. Remember, this is America, the land of lawsuits.

      1. yep, I will have NOTHING to do with this class action lawsuit. Nothing. And any politician that tries to be a bitch about it isn’t getting my vote.


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