06 Apr

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

Electronic Arts has canceled a previously unknown Wii edition of Dead Space 2, and a sequel to The Simpsons Game in order to work on other, unspecified, projects. The details come from the LinkedIn profiles of Gerry Sakkas, a designer at EA, and a freelance developer, Matt Spriggens. The cancellation of Dead Space 2 may have something to do with the under-performance of the on-rails middle chapter to the franchise, Dead Space: Extraction, while The Simpsons Game was found humorous, but little else when it was released back in 2007.

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One thought on “EA Cancels Wii ‘Dead Space 2’, ‘Simpsons’”

  1. If they were going to make a sequel to Extraction, that makes me a little disappointing, but I can see why they did it with the lack luster sales of the first on the console. There is always the PS3 now that there is Move (and would help to make Move more relevant).

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