14 Apr

Square Enix has announced that a remake of Final Fantasy V has been launched on Playstation Network today, and is available for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable for a price of $9.99.

The game, which was originally launched for the Famicon in 1992, found its way to the Playstation and North American consumers in 1998. Final Fantasy V was the first title in the franchise to introduce the Job system, which has later returned in many additional installments in the series. Square Enix has indicated the re-release of Final Fantasy V includes all-new CG animations.

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy V Launched on Playstation Network”

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t put the game out on the DS like they did with III and IV.

    Now I wonder if they will do the same with VI on the PS3.

      1. Well, cool. I didn’t get too far in VI on GBA cause I was playing other things, but having the game on a console with full audio will be great. Also, the CG cut-scenes are always great.

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