civ-rev 28 Apr

Firaxis Games laid a lot of Civilization news on us recently, so let’s take you through the details. May 3rd will mark the release of Civilization V‘s “Denmark Civilization and Scenario Pack” bringing the mythical Vikings into the geopolitical fray, particularly in the “1066: Year of the Viking” scenario, which has the Vikings fighting against 3 other civilizations for the British isles. “The Explorers Map Pack” will also release next week, adding 10 single player map (5 of which based on real locations). The packs are available for $5 each of together in a $7.50 bundle.

Rumors have also begun flowing on projects both past and present from Firaxis. Judging from the LinkedIn profile of one David Jones, former Character Artist at the company, the studio was apparently at work on a follow to Civilization Revolution back in 2008. Another LinkedIn profile, this one belonging to ex-Level Engineer Chris Doyle, hints at an unannounced “AAA strategy” title that utilizes the Unreal Engine 3. No further details are currently known, and Firaxis has not returned Elder-Geek’s call for comments.

Were you looking forward to a Civilization Revolution 2? Or are you just happy to be getting some Vikings? Let us know in the comments section!