11 Apr

An apt name for an augmented reality game, Majesco’s recently announced The Hidden will allow users to search their native environments for ghostly apparitions and super-natural phenomena. Once found, the player – acting as part of the G.E.I.S.T. (Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team) – can then destroy the paranormal aberrations “using a full arsenal of high tech tools and upgradeable weapons, including the Plasmatic Disruptor, Ectoplasm Sensor and Spectral Shield”.

The Hidden is being developed by 1st Playable Productions, and will release sometime this October.

Paranormal investigation something that intrigues you, E-Gs? Or should developers focus more on core experiences for the 3DS? Write your thoughts down below!

One thought on “Majesco Bringing more AR to 3DS with ‘The Hidden’”

  1. Sounds really cool. The one thing I really like about the 3DS is the AR stuff. I really don’t care for the 3D cause of the small viewing angle, but the hardware and software is what has me excited. I can’t wait for more details on this game.

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