26 Apr

According to a series of tweets by Obsidian Entertainment staff, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and the upcoming Dungeon Siege III, has been forced to let a currently unspecified number of employees go. The studio has not made an official statement regarding the matter.

Several tweets that have been posted throughout the day confirmed that at least two producers and a QA tester are now without a job, and several LinkedIn profiles suggested that at least one additional producer, a designer, and several interns are also no longer employed at the studio based in Irvine, California.

Some of these tweets were gathered by a user on the Obsidian Entertainment forums:

Akil Hooper (producer/designer at OEI)
“11 years, nearly a dozen shipped titles, Designer, Lead, Producer. 1 cancelled game, survived 7 layoffs, 8th got me. Not a bad track record.”

Jason Fader (producer)

Justin Reynard (programmer)
“Today marks my 3 year anniversary working at Obsidian Entertainment. To my coworkers (and sadly the ones we’ve lost) you guys are amazing.<3”

Ashley Betters (QA tester)
“No longer work at Obsidian. I guess this means I will have to start buying my own pens.”