07 Apr

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, has been running a charity drive in response to the March 11th earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Users were able to purchase a “Nurse Akali” (pictured after the jump) skin, with all proceeds being donated to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund. In total, more than $160,000 was raised in less than a week.

4 thoughts on “Riot Games Raises $160,000 for Japan Relief Efforts”

  1. Does anyone else play? I’d love to get a game in. Even if you are new to it, I could show you the ropes… and hey, it’s a free game!

    1. I used to play, but I was having problems where if I had to download more than one even tiny patch the installer would freeze every time at the same spot and I’d have to reinstall the entire game.

      Since I only played infrequently, this got VERY frustrating. So I gave up after about the 6th time having to reinstall the game. Their support staff said it was just a problem with the launcher they were using and was unfortunately, unavoidable.

      1. That sucks. I tend to have this problem with any current game… everything has major patches and updates, especially if they add new content like LOL and HON does.

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