19 Apr

According to a recent blogpost by an employee of the Japanese Sony Store, Sony has recently ceased production of the PSP Go, with no future shipments planned. The online Japanese Sony store currently lists the PSP Go as ‘Out of Stock,’ with no scheduled restock date.

Sony has not made an official statement regarding the rumors, and continues to offer the handheld in the North American Sony Style store.

The PSP Go was launched in late 2009, and is the first handheld by Sony that entirely relies on digital distribution of software. Initial reception of the handheld was poor, as the PSP Go was significantly more expensive than its counterpart, the PSP 3000. Additionally, many retailers were hesitant to push sales of the new edition, as they feared it would undermine the market for UMD-based games, with which the PSP Go was not compatible.

In October 2010, Sony dropped the MSRP for the PSP Go to $199.99, from $249.99.

One thought on “Rumors Suggest Sony Cancels PSP Go Production”

  1. Well with the NGP coming out soon, I would have expected as much. Besides, it wasn’t a well received piece of tech, people still preferred the 3000 or even the 2000.

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