19 Apr

Fan remakes have a tradition of not living to see the light of long-term release, despite sometimes avid protests from would-be costumers. Streets of Rage Remake is the latest fan game to be canceled by the IP owner, in this case, Sega. While not actually a remake as much as a new game harkening back through the franchise’s past, the title nevertheless took eight years to complete, and had been finally available to the public before being shut down.

3 thoughts on “Sega Cancels ‘Streets of Rage’ Fan Project”

  1. Sega should pay the people who worked on the game, and then sell it on PSN, XBLA and Steam. Why put good hard work to waste.

    From what I heard about the game, it was pretty awesome with all the characters you could play as and all the levels you could play on.

  2. I played a little bit when I first used Boot Camp on my Mac around 2007. The gameplay was a smooth combination of SOR 2 and 3, Adam Hunter was back, the music was kickass remixes by OCRemix among others.

    It was a totally solid fanmade game that really should have seen an official release. I don’t really understand how it could be cancelled anyway. The game was free to play…

    1. Sega thought it was infringing on their IP ownership rights. I don’t really understand it either, but that is how corporations are. It would be good to keep it around to create buzz for the series, but that is not how Sega operates.

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