11 May

They are the elite hacking operation taking responsibility for supporting WikiLeaks, and shirking away from responsibility when alleged to be the culprit of the Playstation Network outage. But now Anonymous is facing a foe unlike anything they have gone up against before, themselves. According to a Thinq report, ‘Ryan’ – a codenamed rogue operative – took control over two Anonymous sites (AnonOp.net and AnonOps.ru) and stole the IP addresses and passwords of all their users.

“We would STRONGLY ADVISE all users to STAY AWAY from AnonOps.net and AnonOps.ru, and they should be considered COMPROMISED. Using or connecting to any service on those addresses may put your computer, and by extension your person, at risk,” Anonymous warned via statement.

‘Ryan’ released a statement to Thinq on the issue, accusing the moderating brass of Anonymous with “behind-the-scenes” string-pulling, abusing positions of power to establishing further abused positions of leadership. One ‘Owen’ is particularly derided for being “incredibly incompetent” and going against the legion ideology of the group by establishing domineering roles above other members, making it not the “leader-less” organization it was believed to be, but a “cult of personality”. Despite all the fervor against the moderators in question, the splinter group does not believe Anonymous to be responsible for the Playstation Network outage.

The site’s IRC chat features, key in organizing members for operations, is believed to be the entry point for the hack. Former admins have expressed apologies over the attacks, while members have already executed a revenge hack of the believed culprit’s personal data as a show of support for the administrators. Two members spoke to Thinq, rebutting many of the charges leveled at them by ‘Ryan’. They called the outliers “bullys,” saying “We all knew Ryan was dangerous,” the Anon said. “Just how dangerous nobody was quite sure. He has always had little outbursts. We knew one day there would be a massive one, but we were never sure when.”
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