17 May

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

Namco Bandai announced back on May 11 that Dark Souls, the upcoming spirutal-succesor to Demon’s Souls, will be indeed getting a limited edition. For the full list of featured goodies, follow the jump.

– A limited edition metal case.

– An art book containing various illustrations of different characters and environments from the title.

– A mini-strategy guidebook.

– A series of behind-the-scenes videos from From Software.

– The game soundtrack.

Gamers who wish to purchase the limited edition can do so by pre-ordering Dark Souls, which will instantly upgrade them to the limited edition. Dark Souls is expected to be released in October.

8 thoughts on “‘Dark Souls’ Limited Edition Detailed”

    1. Well I should add that it is a meaningful pre-order incentive. Atlus does this with a lot of their titles, and it is awesome.

    1. Well the game is going to be more open, so it could come in handy, especially if you want to avoid the all the traps they put into the game (there are more than in Demon’s Souls from what I hear).

      1. No, I’m saying its a good thing. Although, it would be cool if the guide screwed with you and gave you bad advice from time to time… that would be the Dark Souls way.

        1. That would be awesome. I would like to see an in-game message from a player (I assume they will still have that system) saying to not pay attention to the guide book cause it is a lie.

          1. And then a bunch of troll comments saying the guide is wrong even though it is right… I can’t wait for Dark Souls!

          2. Yes, I can’t wait for those troll comments, especially the ones that say to not listen to the comments ahead cause they are lies. Oh, Demon’s/Dark Souls.

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