10 May

While we still have neither head nor tail of a Diablo III release date, Blizzard has announced via investor call that the beta of the majorly anticipated action-RPG sequel will begin sometime in Q3 of 2011. There was no confirmation of it being an open or closed beta. Company President Mike Morhaime did mention that he wanted to see the game released in 2011, but given Blizzard’s record, we at Elder-Geek expect the game won’t ship until at least the first quarter of 2012.

Would you want to sign up for the Diablo III beta? Or are you just waiting for Blizzard to release the full product? Comment below, E-Gs!

3 thoughts on “‘Diablo III’ Beta Coming this Fall”

  1. Well, I bet Blizcon attendees will get beta codes for Diablo III considering that it is being held just at the beginning of Q4 and all. Well, when this hits, I will give it a try. I could use another dungeon crawler.

  2. Everything they’ve said so far points to the game being well on track for a 2011 release, but of course… who knows, something could go horribly wrong in the beta 😉

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