02 May

With the Gears of War 3 beta heavily underway, Epic Games has announced that players who participate in the beta will receive a code that they can use to grant one of their friends access to the beta as well. Additionally, players will be able to earn more of such codes by completing certain objectives. More information is included after the jump.

Aside from the code each player who has participated in one online match will receive, players will receive one additional code for playing the beta for more than 20 hours. Furthermore, an extra code will be issued for owning any piece of Gears of War DLC, or for owning the ´Games on Demand´ version of the original Gears of War, or Gears of War-themed Avatar items. Finally, an extra code can be obtained by having over 100+ hours logged on any other Gears of War title, or by adding a full year of Xbox Live subscriptions to your account. In total, players will be able to get 5 friend codes for the game.

Players will have until the 4th of May to complete these challenges, with the codes being sent out on the 8th. The beta is set to end on May 15th, with the full game coming out on September 20th.