25 May

And let the E3 announcement spoilers commence! This year starts off with the ESRB ruining CD Projekt RED’s fun by listing an updated rating for its recently released Witcher 2 for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, in addition to PC. There is no listing for a Playstation 3 version, and no details beyond an updated “Systems” description on the game’s ratings profile.

360 owners, is The Witcher 2 something you’d like to get your hands on? Do you think this means the original might head to consoles as well? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “ESRB Rates ‘Witcher 2’ For 360”

  1. I don’t think a single human being was surprised by this (if turns to be true).

    TW1 on consoles is unlikely. If Bioware didn’t do ME1 on PS3, a 4 year old PC focused game won’t happen.

    Well, congrats 360 owners.

  2. I am quite liking the prospect of this on the consoles. This is the type of game I’d prefer to play on a console anyways…

    I’m still hoping for it to come for ps3 as well, because the ps3 controller is so much more ocmfortable for long gaming sessions, but even the 360 would see me being more likely to play it than the pc.

  3. Well the ESRB spoiled CPR’s announcement in two weeks. Well, we knew it was coming, but still. I hope they are working on a PS3 version, just so people can play the game as well.

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