07 May

Yes, Ezio is back for the conclusion of a character trilogy we never knew about until now. But that’s only one part of the breakdown one NeoGAF forum member/Game Informer subscriber recently laid out for the newest Assassin’s Creed sequel. Apparently you will also return as Desmond to the mind of Altair once more, as the now 50 year-old Ezio is on the hunt for “seals” that will allow him to access the Middle Eastern assassin’s memories.

Desmond’s storyline has the modern bartender turned world-saver finding a new part of the Animus machine dubbed the “Black Room”, basically a gauntlet of “narrative-fueled puzzle sequences.” The meat of the game will take place in the four districts of Constantinople, with smaller segments taking you to nearby Cappadocia. Assassin hiring has been expanded from Brotherhood to include full “Assassin dens”, which allows for further urban development, this time favoring stealthy killers with things like rooftop ziplines, which can be used with a new item dubbed “the hookblade”.

The game also looks to be taking a leaf from Spider-Man 2‘s book, with the series’ side missions replaced with random events spread out through the city. A more focused multiplayer, higher level cap, and new bomb manufacturing system are the other updates currently known to be in the game. Ubisoft Montreal is also using a L.A. Noire style facial motion capture technique, dubbed Mocam, although little is known about the specifics. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is expected sometime later this year, with all of the juicy details coming as part of the June issue of Game Informer.

Do these new details counter-act any feelings of franchise fatigue you were feeling, E-Gs? Still waiting to see more? Happy that Altair is back? Tell us in the comments section!

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