16 May

With Gears of War 3 sure to be one of the largest titles to be featured at the Microsoft press conference at E3, the publisher has revealed the two limited editions that will be available for the final installment in the current Gears of War trilogy. The contents of the Limited and Epic edition are further detailed after the jump.

The limited edition, which will be available for $80 at retailers, will include a replica of a medal awarded to Adam Fenix , the father of main protagonist of the series. It will also contain some additional documents referencing the backstory between Marcus Fenix and his father. A COG flag and a multiplayer skin of Adam Fenix will also be included in this edition.

The Epic edition will feature the same contents as the limited edition, but will also include a statue of Marcus Fenix, as well as a 96-page book containing artwork for the franchise. Besides the Adam Fenix multiplayer skin, the Epic edition will also include 5 custom skins for the default weapons featured in the game.

The Epic edition, pictured below, will be available for $150.

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  1. Never been one to be excited for collectors editions. But i know they’re going to start throwing a lot of in game content in future collectors edition which i’m sure will entice me

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