20 May

While the announcement of the PSP’s Persona 2: Innocent being ported across the Atlantic wasn’t much of a surprise in and of itself, the folks at Atlus chose a very unique method of revealing the news. In a retro themed issue of the “Atlus Faithful” newsletter (via Kotowari), it was deduced that the listed date (June 23, 1999) correlated with the Japanese launch of the original Persona 2 Playstation game. Coupled with the byline “looks like there really isn’t anything new out in Japan this week to talk about…”, the hints in the Western newsletter seem to indicate that we can expect the PSP RPG remake to hit store shelves in this hemisphere before too long. Maybe June 23rd?

Happy to be getting another classic Shin Megami Tensei game coming to the PSP? Or do you have you eyes set on other games, remake or otherwise, coming out soon? Comment below!

One thought on “‘Persona 2’ PSP Remake Headed Stateside”

  1. I love Atlus’s brand of viral marketing, even if it is just for their ‘Faithful’.

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