07 May

According to rumors from Rockpapershotgun sources, Activision is gearing up for a major announcement in its flagship series. Call of Duty Online is expected to be revealed as early as next week, believed to be the “online solution” Activision has been hinting at in recent weeks. No details have been confirmed, and Activision could not be reached for comment by Elder-Geek.

2 thoughts on “Rumor: ‘Call of Duty Online’ To Be Announced Next Week?”

  1. Very curious how the hell they plan to implement a persistent FPS world. That or they’re just going to have more stat tracking, personal customization, and unlockables with a subscription.

    1. I would hope they go the route of Nexon and have the option to pay for things but still keep the base game for free (well in Activision’s case, charge for the base game but keep online free). I don’t know how many people would want to pay monthly for an FPS because it is hard to keep adding new meaningful content (maps aside).

      Valve has proven that you can get money from hats and weapons. If I were Activision, I would follow Valve’s and Nexon’s approaches in charging for content online. This way it will appease the most devout fans by giving them a way to show their dedication and also a way to cater to the most casual of player.

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