14 thoughts on “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Video Review”

  1. You didn’t even try to pronounce Sapkowski right 😛

    I wish i could play the game myself, but for playing games at fragile 20 fps, i stick to consoles. Wait for the patch, if it comes.

    In general, i wonder why so many sites and people are taking issue with not being able to pick up a sequel and understand the story perfectly. Whoever hasn’t played TW1 deserves not being able to understand TW2. Making all games do exposition on their prequels and have that pick up and play mindset always ends up cheapening the story with weird explanation dialogue and redundant prologues and “previously in…”s. Anyways.

    And i dunno if i’d call the video spoilerific, but it feels like it shows a little too much.

    I envy you Randy. Good review.

    1. I’ve never heard his name spoken before. And having grown up in a town with a high Polish population, I went with how it would have been said there. I’m sure it came out overly Americanized. HA!

      I personally loved the fact that they didn’t hold my hand about the story. It felt like a nice “thank you for supporting this genre” kind of secret handshake. I also hate when videogames handhold too much with backstory.

    2. For some reason, setting the game to medium and fiddling around with some stuff gave me a semi solid 30-35 FPS. Weird, since the game really struggled with low settings, but it works and i’m pretty pleased with the game so far.

      1. Have you tried putting everything on high (not ultra) and fiddled from there?

        I started with everything on high and selectively put things into ultra and got some pretty good performance out of it.

        1. Actually, the game looks quite great on medium settings. Comparing it to low settings, i can tell ambient occlusion makes a huge difference for TW2. I played a lil bit and managed to get depth of field on in exchange for bloom and i’m now on the process of trying Nvidia panel forced AA.

          I still don’t feel like playing with the settings too much in fear of jinxing it 😛

  2. Good review. I like how they are connecting the novels and short stories (Last wish is just a compilation, and Blood of Elves is the first novel; just some technicalities. I can’t wait to finish Blood of Elves, and then read the second novel that comes out this year).

    I can’t play this game for another two weeks, but I will look forward to playing it then. I have two issues that prevent me from playing it right now, and those are school and I have to buy a new GPU (my HD 5770 is having driver issues and I am tired of it acting up, so I am going nvidia to alleviate my problems; and yes, I have tried a clean HDD install, driver install, a different HDD with a clean install, but it is the card).

    OH, and PC gaming was never dead, it is just misunderstood by those that don’t put the time into knowing what a good system is to be able to play your games and do other things.

    1. Oh, and it should be stated that to run the game you must have an NTFS drive that the game is launched off of, though you should probably be running one of those for PC gaming anyways. I understand why FAT32 is needed to do some things, but when it comes to running games, it is best to have NTFS.

      This comes about after someone posted why they couldn’t run the game on a FAT32 drive, and it is because TW2 has one 9GB file (the reason for less loading) and the drive can’t handle any file bigger than 4GB. Fun stuff.

    2. Ok, got the game at FRY’s for the nice price of $35 (and man does it come with a lot of stuff). Also got myself a GTX 570 card (my wallet is not liking me, but I had to do it), so I will be ready to play come two weeks from now (school is done for me on Saturday 4).

  3. Great review, I will definitely have to pick this up soon. Thanks for your truly unbiased, untainted review that is rarely seen nowadays.

  4. Oh, I found an awesome easter egg in the first town’s inn. It is not spoilers in any way. Ok, so if you beat the monk in the basement in the corner with doubles, then you unlock the monk in the extras, which will send you to GOG where you can buy TW1 for $5, and get a discount on two other games on the service. Well, there is that one, and the reference to Assassin’s Creed in the prologue where you get +25% when you attack an enemy from behind. I can’t wait to find more secrets (but I really need to limit how much I play these next two weeks, so I don’t negatively affect my grades at the end of the quarter).

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