WitcherScreenshot2 07 Feb

The Witcher lead gameplay designer Maciej Szcześnik and gameplay producer Marek Ziemak have announced today that they are departing CD Projekt RED to join indie developer 11 Bit Studios. “I’m absolutely looking forward to working here,” Maciej Szcześnik said. “I’ll be responsible for the entire design of a game that took shape in my imagination. […]

DarkHorseWitcherEVE 11 Oct

Dark Horse Comics has announced today that it is publishing comic books based on CCP Games’ EVE Online and CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series which will be available in 2014. EVE: True Stories will be available February 19th 2014 and is based on actual in-game events. It will be written by Daniel Way (Deadpool, […]

30 May

Vg247 reports that several Danish outlets have listed The Witcher as available for pre-order on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. No official statement regarding this has been made by developer CD Projekt Red, though it is no secret that a console version of the original The Witcher was in development until early 2009. More information is available […]