10 Jun

Codemasters has issued a statement on its community forums that it has taken the Codemasters website offline following a security breach by supposed hackers. During the attack, personal information was compromised, though Codemaster assures users that credit card information was not obtained during the intrusion, as this data is not stored on the servers.

Codemasters is currently contacting all users who may have been affected directly.

According to the statement, the intruder was able to access the main website of the company, the VIP-code redemption area for DiRT 3, and the Codemasters eStore. Most likely, the hacker was able to obtain the names of registered their physical addresses, their email addresses, telephone numbers, encrypted passwords and order history. As payments in the store are handled by third parties, the hacker would not have been able to obtain payment details associated with the data.

Until Codemasters has been able to ensure a similar breach does not occur again, the primary website of the company will forward users directly to the Codemasters Facebook page. The company expects to relaunch the website later this year.

Users who have a registered account with Codemasters are advised to change their login details for other services related to the publishers, and change their password for other service that used the same login details.

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