03 Jun

According to VG247.com, Square Enix has released the first details for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the second direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game ever. These story-details are included after the jump. Following the release of this information, Gamespot also published a new teaser for the game, showing short glimpses of in-game sequences. More information is expected to be unveiled at the E3 next week.

The story will be set a few years following the events of the original Final Fantasy XIII, with Lightning missing and her sister Serah living in a village that is suddenly attacked by monsters. Saved by a Noel, a new character, they both set off to find her missing sister. The extent to which Lightning will play an active role in the title currently remains unclear, though she is heavilly featured in both the original teaser that was published in January, as well as the one that was published today.

The trailer, included below, includes images of recurring characters from Final Fantasy XIII, including Maqui, Yuj, Gadot. Several new characters are also briefly visible, including Noel.
The game will be released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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  1. I love the title art, but since I didn’t finish FFXIII, I’m not sure I would enjoy this as much, even though it looks better (that was 3 commas in one sentence!).

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