06 Jun

Microsoft may have just accidentally leaked their own press conference header. Images have just popped up on Xbox.com revealing Halo 4 as a future release. Where as this might have been the biggest news during their press conference, which starts in a few hours, it seems they might have let the kinectimal out of the bag.

But hey, there’s always Kinect Sports 2, right? Please say I’m not right…

Source: Now Gamer

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Accidentily Pre-Announces ‘Halo 4’?”

  1. Well if that is true, then someone is going to be having a talking to.

    Watching the press conference so, will see what they announce, other than 10 minutes of MW3.

    1. Yup, the remake was announced. Well, this was also rumored about for a couple of months so no big deal. New Fable though, so that is interesting.

      1. Aaaaand there is Halo 4 at the end of the conference.

        Well the Minecraft announcement was pretty cool. Overall it was pretty decent.

        Now to watch what Sony and Nintendo reveal.

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