14 Jun

The hacker group know as Lulz Security® has announced via Twitter that it has launched an attack on the EVE Online and Minecraft servers, which resulted in both services being taken offline. Indirectly, this also resulted in the websites for both services being taken offline, though these have now both been restored. An attack on The Escapist was also launched earlier, with access to that particular website not yet restored. The EVE Online servers remain offline at this time, as CCP Games has stated it intentionally took down the service as a security precaution. It is unclear when the service will be restored.

Notch announced that the login server for Minecraft was brought back online shortly after the attack.

The Escapist has not yet been brought back online, with no official statement having been made at this time.

9 thoughts on “Minecraft, EVE, The Escapist Taken Offline by Hackers”

  1. They attacked the League of Legends servers. There were a lot more that went down too. I think this is sort of to show that anyone can be hacked at anytime.

    Terrorists… lul terrorists.

      1. These attacks are really simple too, they are just overloading the servers with basically spam. It’s like if 100,000 people tried to access the same server at once, and then continuously refreshed.

  2. Fucking hackers man, we get it, you’ve got skills that can bring down anyone at anytime, now use those skills for something useful instead of fucking with innocent people.

    I don’t even use any of the services brought down by this but this pisses me off. Guess what, anarchy isn’t the answer…no one has the right to do whatever they want, especially not when it has a negative impact on others. The fact that these pretentious assholes think they do speaks volumes of their arrogance and even insecurity. What Anonymous did I sort of understand, even though Sony was well within their rights to do what they did, but this is just fucking pathetic.

    /angry rant

  3. Man this is so pathetic. Something is eventually going to snap, and it is NOT going to end well for anyone – not for the companies, not for the public, not for officials, and not for the hackers.

  4. Well they are at it again. This time they fired at HoN and I believe EVE again. Also taking on some other people just cause they can.

    1. Apparently they also just hacked the CIA website. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but aren’t they fucked now? Despite this being something LulzSec sees as a joke, and dispite not getting any sensitive information out of the attacks, people are going to take this very seriously. So seriously that the intelligence community is probably going to have to respond…and they have hackers of their own.

      Things just got really interesting, nothing would please me more than to see these guys get pounded into the ground by every internet security outfit in the world.

      1. If they did hack the CIA, then yeah, they could be in big trouble. If they just DDoS’s them, then not in so much trouble, but still in trouble.

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