21 Jun

[Initial research done by Eli English]

Gaijin Games have announced BIT.TRIP Collection for the Nintendo Wii, and additional details on the previously announced BIT.TRIP Saga for the 3DS. For a list of new features to both games – according to a post on the official Gaijin Games site, and in addition to containing all 6 BIT.TRIP games in one package – please follow the jump.

– 120 completely new BIT.TRIP challenges spanning all six games.

– Exclusive Audio Gallery with fan remixes, original songs, and demo versions of existing BIT.TRIP themes.

– Exclusive Image Gallery with production stills, concept art, and promo images.

– Exclusive Video Gallery with more than 25 movies telling the story of CommanderVideo.

– 6 Letters to BIT.TRIP Fans, written by Alex Neuse, the series’ director.

– Exclusive BIT.TRIP Soundtrack Sampler CD with music from all six games.

– New difficulty modes in all games.

– Online leaderboards.

BIT.TRIP Collection and the BIT.TRIP Saga are both slated for release this summer and will be published by Aksys Games.