07 Jun

During its E3 press conference earlier today, Nintendo finally unveiled the WiiU, which was previously only known by its working title: Project Café. The console will be able produce images at 1080p, and features controllers with a touch-sensitive screen that allows users to play games while their television sets are tuned to a different channel, and adds extra functionality to certain games. All available information is included after the jump.

In addition to a combination of face buttons, triggers, a d-pad, and two analog circle pads, the tablet-controller features a 6.2 inch touch-sensitive 16:9 screen. The controller also includes a an accelerometer and gyro sensor, as well as an on-board microphone and stylus.

The console itself will be fully compatible with previous Nintendo Wii titles, controllers, and accessories. No information is currently available with respect to the technical specs of the system, though multiple major publishers have confirmed that their future titles will be released on the WiiU. Amongst these games were Darksiders II, Batman: Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden III, future DiRT and Tekken titles, as well as a new installment in the Smash Brawl series.

It was confirmed that this future Smash Brawl title will have cross-platform compatibility with the Super Smash title currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS.

Though the WiiU is on display at the E3, no games will be playable on the showfloor. Instead, eight different demonstrations of the technology are available.

A trailer for the platform indicates the controller can also be used for video chat, and browsing the web. This trailer is included below.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Unveils WiiU”

  1. There are two analog sticks not one. The placement of the sticks looks a little annoying (personally the sticks should be below the buttons and d-pad. The name of the console is also weird, but that is Nintendo for you.

    I am intrigued to see how they will work the Smash Bros. game between the two systems. Also, that demo of the Zelda title for the WiiU looked really good.

  2. The controller looks a bit unwieldy and the promo video was pretty awful (reminded me a bit of the Natal video), but I am excited for what it can provide the hardcore gamer. Local multiplayer will be great, and the screen swapping seems pretty cool.

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