03 Jun

The leak powers that be seem to want to up themselves with every new stage in Sony handhelds. The PSPGo! was leaked weeks before its E3 debut, and the NGP’s coming out party was rumored months in advance, and now the same system’s name has been leaked repeatedly in two completely different sectors. Originally, some early marketing materials were posted by Games Pundit and Mega Rock (via Google snapshot cache) calling the NGP the “PS Vita”. But it didn’t end there.

The “PS Vita” rumor later gained an additional leg to stand on when some supposed source code (above) from Sony’s own E3 teaser site listed the name as well. The code was discovered by a NeoGAF forum user, and apparently even appears to trademarked. One of the days, Sony may be able to hold onto secret, maybe.

What’s the E-G opinion of the name? Comment below!