23 Jun

Hey look, another promising hardware story from Sony appears to have leaked out ahead of time, go figure. The electronics company gave the Playstation Vita a launch “in [the] world market from [a] at the end of 2011”, but British firm Shopto.net seems to have gotten their hands on a more specific date. Shopto.net claims the Vita will hit store shelves on November 4th, the date yet to have any official backing from other retailers or Sony themselves.

Think November 4th could be a legit date? Are you planning to pick one up this holiday season? Comment below, EGs!

2 thoughts on “PS Vita Release Date, Launch Lineup Leaked?”

  1. Well if it is true, then it will be interesting to see if it will sell during the time of all those big releases. The smart idea would be to release the system in October to allow the system to get on shelves, as well as the games.

    Really though, we need to see a list of launch games for the system to see if it will be worthwhile to pick it up at launch.

    1. all of the rumours I’ve seen has put lbp and uncharted both as launch titles…. that’s more solid content than any platform has had at launch in almost a decade 😉

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