01 Jun


Ed. Note – According to YT posters and GT forum OP, the above video is the first teaser for Siphon Filter 4. The message – translated from morse code – supposedly reads “LOGAN RETURNS. TASER RETURNS. REST CLASSIFIED. MOVE AND SHARPSHOOTER SUPPORT.” Pausing exactly at 0:33 will show the morse code. Personally, I’m skeptical, but what do the E-Gs think?

[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

The surprising announcement of Syphon Filter 4 being in the works recently popped up on – and was quickly pulled down from – both a Playstation Blog post and a Playstation forum posting. A forum post on GameTrailers reported that Syphon Filter 4 is indeed in the works, and will be a sequel to the Playstation Portable title, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. According to the forum, the game title is supposedly being worked on by SCE London, and is slated for release sometime in late 2012. No further details have been announced, and Sony could not be reached for comment.

(via Videogamer and Kotaku)

Excited for some more Siphon Filter? Or is this just a hopeful rumor that got carried away on the forums? Post your thoughts below, E-Gs!

One thought on “Rumor: ‘Siphon Filter 4’ In the Works?”

  1. Would be cool. I liked the first Syphon Filter on the PS1 and then forgot about it. If they do a PC release i’ll bite :)

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