01 Jun

Sony Computer Entertainment isn’t out of the federal government’s scope yet. Congress has already sent letters to Sony demanding (and receiving) publicized answers for their tardiness in informing customers during the Playstation Network outage, and Sony has now extended another olive branch. The President of the International Sony Network Entertainment Division Tim Schaff testified on behalf of the company before a House subcommittee today in regards to the network breach and Sony’s subsequent behavior.

The testimony is part of a series Rep. Mary Bono Mack of California (who also chairs the House subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade to which Sony released statements to after the initial hack) is holding on data security.

“While Chairman Bono Mack remains critical of Sony’s initial handling of the data breaches, she also is appreciative that the company has now agreed to testify. The Chairman firmly believes that the lessons learned from both the Sony and Epsilon experiences can be instructive and guide us as we develop comprehensive data protection legislation. We expect to introduce that legislation, which will provide new safeguards for American consumers, in the next few weeks,” Subcommittee aide Ken Johnson wrote in an email to reporters.

In further Playstation Network news, Sony released a statement today (the last before their PS Store deadline of June 1st) saying that the Store will up later this week.