21 Jun

[Initial research done by Eli English]

Valve has announced “The Uber Update” for Team Fortress 2, featuring new maps and more weapons. The full details can be read after the jump.

The first pack, “Black Market Business” for The Heavy includes:

– The “Tomislav,” a minigun for the Heavy which has a +75% faster and quieter spin-up time but has -25% on it’s firing speed. 

– “The Family Buisness,” a shotgun for the Heavy has a +40% clip but does -15% damage.

– “The Eviction Notice,” a new melee weapon for the Heavy allows for the player to punch at +50% the speed but does -60% the damage.

The second pack, “The Man of Honor” for The Spy includes:

– “The Enforcer,” a revolver that has +20% damage done to enemies but has a +0.5% increase for when the Spy’s cloak goes on. 

– “The Big Earner,” is a new melee weapon for the Spy that gives players +30% cloak on a kill, but provides players with -20% health for their life.

– “The Made Man,” is an unannounced new feature for the Spy in-which “A gentleman always has a flower handy to drop on an opponent’s grave.

The release also includes a new Payload map, called “Barnblitz.” As described by Valve, “Prove that you’re ‘born in a barn’ (secretly in the Mafia) with this Valve-made Payload Map! Show your enemies you can ‘hit the broad side of a barn’ (be really good at the Mafia) while you make them ‘buy the farm’ (quit their Mafia jobs and becomes farmers) on one outdoor and three indoor capture points (including a final indoor capture point).”

No release date for “The Uber Update” has been given, but it is expected to be free for all PC owners of “Team Fortress 2.”

One thought on “Valve Announces ‘Team Fortress 2’ “Uber Update””

  1. Finally, Meet the Medic will be released on Thursday.

    Oh, and this was just day one of the update (there will be four more updates just like all big updates for TF2; and will be free).

    New free weapons are always appreciated (can’t wait for the update to go live; but I won’t be able to play it till Friday, cause I am going to watch old episodes and the new episode of Futurama with friends).

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