19 Jul

No doubt inspired by the whistle-blowers at Team Bondi, Glenn Watson (ex-Head Studio Programmer at Gameloft Auckland) has testified to similarly bleak conditions at his former company. According to an interview with Watson on Games.On.Net, these “dangerous” working conditions included 12-14 hour work days, 7-day work weeks, and vague worker entitlement benefits that would often be manipulated by senior management. Gameloft Auckland has yet to release a statement to the press in response to the allegations.

Are we going to be seeing more and more of these as the Team Bondi case continues to grow, EGs? Are these claims legitimate, or a case of ex-employees trying to seek revenge on former bosses with negative press? Comment below!

One thought on “Gameloft Auckland Dev Outs “Dangerous” Working Conditions”

  1. And this is why Australia and NZ aren’t going to have a chance at competing in the gaming industry.

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